Monday, 26 October 2015

President Vladimir Putin: Russian military protecting interests of Syrian people

October 22, 2015 INTERFAX

Russian President Vladimir Putin has said that he is proud of Russia's pilots taking part in the Russian Aerospace Force's operation targeting terrorist groups in Syria. "There [in Syria] one needs to operate both an airplane and weapons because strikes are conducted mostly by eye. The overpressure due to a plane\'s abrupt ascent and abrupt descent is huge," Putin told a meeting of the 'Valdai' discussion club. "This is top class, figuratively speaking. Beyond any doubt, our pilots deserve absolute respect. In the territory of Syria our military are certainly fighting against terrorism and, in this sense, are certainly protecting the interests of the Syrian people. But it is not only this. First and foremost, they are protecting the interests of Russia and the Russian people," he said, adding that the strikes target the terrorist groups that pose a threat to Russia. "Certainly, they are risking their health and life. In this sense, they are all heroes. But they have chosen this profession voluntarily. It was their choice. I am proud of them," the Russian leader said.

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Russian skater at the 2015 ISU Progressive Skate America Grand Prix

Evgenia Medvedeva of Russia poses with her gold medal in the ladies free skating program during the Ladies medal ceremony at the 2015 ISU Progressive Skate America Grand Prix at the UMW Panther Arena in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA.

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