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Presidential  advisor, Bouthaina Shaaban: “Syrian people voted for President Bashar al-Assad, they also  voted against foreign intervention”

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 Bouthaina Shaaban, advisor to President Bashar al-Assad (English):
“The Syrian people not only voted for President Bashar al-Assad; they  also voted for Syria. They voted against foreign intervention, because for three and a half years now the Syrian people are absolutely sure that what Western powers want is the destruction of Syria and therefore, they want to restore peace and security and they want to build their country and they want reconciliation, Syrian reconciliation.”
“There are many countries where there is a war and they connected elections, Western powers supervised elections like in Afghanistan and Ukraine.”
“Gone are the days when legitimacy is derived from the West. The West has no right to give our people legitimacy, it is the Syrian people who make this election legitimate it is neither William Hague, nor the United States, nor France.”
Syrians voted to restore peace and security in their country said Bouthaina Shaaban, an advisor to President Bashar al-Assad in Damascus Friday.
Shaaban, who served as the first Minister of Expatriates for the Syrian Arab Republic 2003 to 2008, said that ‘the West has no right to give people our legitimacy’, but it is the Syrian people who made the election legitimate.
Assad won the election on Wednesday winning an estimated 88.7 per cent of votes cast. According to Syria’s constitutional court, an estimated 11.63 million people voted out of a total of 15.85 million eligible voters.
Get The Message America? In plain English so even a child can understand: Syrian people decide who will lead them-not America, not anybody else. We elected Dr. Bashar El Assad to lead us and that's all there is to it-get over it .

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