Thursday, 5 November 2015

America accuses Iran of being a sponsor of terrorism which is absolute bull, America does not only sponsor terrorism it creates terrorist squads and unleashes them against those nations that refuse to align with the gangster state. Al Qaeda is an example of America's terrorist army. Osama Bin Laden was CIA's most valuable asset. Al Baghdadi was trained in the Abu Gharib prison by the CIA, financed and armed by the USA to wreak havoc in North Africa, the Middle East, Sinai and Yemen. The same group is now ravaging the North West Of China in an effort to degrade and eventually weaken the Chinese nation in readiness for consumption by the terrorist USA. The Nazi squads in the Ukraine who are committing horrendous atrocities are American sponsored, armed and financed. America had a civilian airline ordered shot over Ukraine to blame Russia and justify its anti Russian stance and inflame NATO (not that NATO needs inflaming with piggy Cameron behind it). Two Russian airliners were shot down by America one over Egypt and one over the Sudan in retaliation for Russia's war against America's terror squads in the Middle East (America backed terrorists admitted that much). How much of America's terror can the free world take? Russia and China and their allies in North Africa, the Middle East, Africa and Asia are readying to take America on and bring it to heel. Until this is done there will be no peace in the world. Nuclear Armageddon is staring us in the face.
Learn Russian and know the truth.
Americans Are Reeling from Russia's Air Supremacy over Syria. USA useless air force ordered out of the way.

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