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Celebrity overnight-Dobrynya goes viral
German Shepherd puppy

Russian K-9 Puppy Dobrynya Melts Hearts of French People (VIDEO)

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Terrorist Attacks in Paris (143)

People in France reacted very warmly to a gesture of friendship on behalf of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs when it sent a puppy, named Dobrynya, to French police.

After the tragic death of Diesel, a 7-year-old Belgian Malinois, which was a member of a French anti-terrorist police unit, the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs sent Dobrynya to show solidarity with the French people and their police in the fight against terrorism.
The story quickly enthralled the media's attention and melted the hearts of many French men and women.
"Bravo, Russia! To give an animal is the great show of love, and not just an animal, but the most faithful companion of a man. I was very touched by the message of this act. Thank, you Russian friends," user Fred shared his thoughts on Le Parisien.
"A beautiful and touching act. Thanks Russia, you proved you're aren't vindictive," user Michelle added on Le Parisien.
"Thank you Russia, great people with the real head of state," user Luke83 said.
User TandT was more cheeky: "That's very nice, but I hope that the dog will be taking French lessons to fit into the team."
"Last night I drank a liter of vodka to thank the Russians!" — user Sarkophobe wrote, according to Le Parisien.
When Sputnik first published the story about Dobrynya last night, it quickly went viral. The story touched the hearts and minds of people from all over the world who rushed in to share their warm feelings.
"What a lovely gesture. Thank you, Russia. It is small things like this that remind us that we are all just human beings, with the same emotions, wherever we live in the world. We are much more alike than different," Dorothy Butcher commented on the Sputnik article.
"That was a wonderful gesture from Russia to France. We must work together to get rid of this awful ISIS group," Bonnie Parsons said.
Others became a bit jealous: "Send me a puppy, Russia…."

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