Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Massacre at Diyarbakir

Two more civilians massacred by police in Silvan

5 November
DÄ°YARBAKIR (DÄ°HA) - After the murder by police of MĆ¼slĆ¼m Tayar (22) and Sertip Polat (in his 20s) yesterday, 24-year-old Engin Gezici and his aunt Ä°smet Gezici were also killed by special operation teams in Silvan district of Diyarbakır today.

As Turkish state forces intensified their attacks in Tekel neighborhood, 24-year-old Engin Gezici, father of three, was deliberately killed by police. Gezici's aunt Ä°smet Gezici who rushed to the scene on hearing about the incident, was also targeted by police bullets, which left her heavily wounded in the stomach.

Special operation teams further shot at the people who went to the scene to protect the woman and the dead body of her nephew.

Despite the attacks by police forces, people managed to take İsmet Gezici to Silvan State Hospital, from which she was referred to Diyarbakır Training and Research Hospital.

Following a surgery, the woman also lost her life at hospital. 
Photo Cuma Ali Inan

A desperate cry for help
Cuma Ali Inan on facebook
Photo by Cuma Ali Inan
The Turkish army is killing everybody in SÄ°LVAN .They are killing all of women and children. We hope maybe you can show that in news Please announce our voice to the world The Turkish army is committing murder And Turkish Media doesn't show anything " Please help!!!!  "

As a result of the battles and military operations that started after the curfew order in Silvan province of Diyarbakir, 10 civilians have been killed. Neither the wounded nor the dead can be taken out of the area due to the heavy curfew that had started a week ago. The civilians suffer a lack of food and water. The town looks like a battleground with bullet holes and shell damage on the walls of civil residences."

photo by Cuma Ali Inan
Photo by Cuma Ali Inan

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