Tuesday, 26 July 2016

SouthFront: Syrian Army inches closer to full encirclement of rebel-held Aleppo
By Chris Tomson -

The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) advanced from two directions in northern Aleppo yesterday, moving ever closer to imposing a military blockade on rebel suburbs in eastern Aleppo.
The SAA’s seasoned 4th division fully captured the Layramoun district, even reaching as far as the Al-Barrad crossroad. Meanwhile, the SAA’s elite assault troops – the Tiger Forces –seized the Castello Amusement Park, also called the Castello complex.
Effectively, government troops are 500-1000 meters from linking up with each other; thus, rebel forces are almost utterly isolated from their comrades in Idlib and the Anadan plains.
Some 250,000 civilians are estimated to live in districts controlled by Islamist insurgents in eastern Aleppo. Fortunately, these people are able to leave for government-held Aleppo by daylight through a small demilitarized checkpoint in central Aleppo.
Around 1,300,000 live in government-held western Aleppo.
Residents of rebel-held Aleppo were notified on their cell phones yesterday that they would be granted safe passage to leave eastern Aleppo if they wished so. The messages also called on civilians to push “mercenaries” out of their districts.
If eastern Aleppo is emptied of civilians, it will significantly speed up the SAA’s efforts to retake Aleppo, Syria’s largest city.
A supposed moderate rebel faction in Aleppo, Harakat Nour al-Din al-Zenki, was caught recently beheading a young Palestinian boy at the Handarat district, subsequently prompting the United States to halt aid for the group.
Islamist rebels have tried to reopen their Aleppo supply route numerous times but have been unable to revert the SAA’s advances so far. Early reports even suggest the 4th division and Tiger Forces have each other within sight now, literally.
Our partners from www.SouthFront.org have more on the story:

SouthFront: Syrian Army inches closer to full encirclement of rebel-held Aleppo By Chris Tomson - 26/07/2016

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