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"This award is for those who are not here"

Champion of Ishchenko and Romashina - about the Olympic image, judging and green water

 17 August 2016

Natalia Ishchenko (left) and Svetlana Romashina
Photo: Alexander Wilf / RIA Novosti

"Mermaid" by Natalia Ishchenko and Svetlana Romashina music composer Michael Ekimyana picky Olympic referees was rated highly by putting two tens. With the current judging system is very good. What was said and athletes themselves, stoic restrain emotions after well-executed program, which has brought the Russian team 12 th gold medal.
"To" Natalia, please tell us a little more about your program. How did it arise?
Natalia Ishchenko : This is our joint work. It has long been thought about what it would be nice to make the program "Mermaid". Moreover, we are often called just that.Yes, we spend time in the water is greater than on land. Only it was difficult to imagine how to portray the mermaid without a tail (laughs) . We have the same legs still. I had to tinker with the music search. Tatiana E. (Intercession - a comment of "". ) Found a composer who specifically wrote the Olympic song "Mermaid" for us. We tried to put it, and today you saw that came out of it.
At the World Championships in Budapest in 2017 will go to the same program? And in general, go?
Not yet decided.
Natalia Ishchenko and Svetlana Romashina
Photo: Alexander Wilf / RIA Novosti
Managed to see someone from competitors? What do you think of their performance?
We could only see Chinese women who spoke right after us. However, with not very successful angle, so to give an objective assessment can not. Later necessarily reconsider all performances.
Tour of the national delegations in the Olympic Rio
Do you think you can achieve the ideal in assessments and deliver a win-win program?
In our sport it is very, very difficult to reach a dozen. Especially in today's judging. The fact that we had two scores - it's a great result. Now a lot of criteria to assess: compliance with music, image transmission. These criteria laid down the human factor.
And for you is still important is the maximum score?
Of course. In any case, we are committed to it in our statements.
What is the most important thing for the victory at the Olympics?
Absolutely everything: synchronicity, equipment, image. It is important, as the athletes finish their program. Everything has to go through in one go. We tried all the criteria to be the best.
Son already know you on TV?
When he was told that my mother speaks out, yes (laughs) .
What do you feel after winning?
We are incredibly excited. Of course, we are very worried before the Olympics. We worked a lot to get these medals. And finally they have. Naturally, emotions overflow, but we try to hold them back. Still ahead of us still two starts.
Svetlana Romashina (left) and Natalia Ishchenko
Photo: Alexey Kudenko / RIA Novosti
Share plans for the future?
First, the Olympics are not over for us. Now all the forces and ideas - on group performance. Secondly, after the Games rest and think about the future plans.
What do you think, who should carry the flag at the closing ceremony of the Games? Now a heated debate on this matter: some offer Efimov and others - you.
I was not thinking about it. Before us now are other goals and objectives.
Svetlana Romashina : Any athlete can sustain our flag. All are worthy of it. Same Yulia Efimova, which we have always supported. But we have not been to the closing ceremony. There is still a group competitions.
Tell me, how can we explain the success of team Russia in such "female forms" sports like synchronized swimming and rhythmic gymnastics?
We have the best coaches in the world, both in artistic gymnastics, and we have. They have worked very hard with us. Our athletes are prepared from an early age. Base laid a good. And, of course, the Russian ballet has always been the best in the world.Synchronized swimming is somewhat similar.
Competing in the synchronized swimming stronger. Spurred?
Of course. Thank you to our rivals. They do not allow us to relax.
Svetlana, what does this medal to you?
This medal means that we - the strongest power in the synchronized swimming. This award is also for the Russian athletes, who do not have here. We have supported and will support the athletes, weightlifters. It is a great honor - to win the gold medal. It is important for us and our country.
You know, with what program your go to Rio rivals from China?
Before the Olympics, we always tried to find their performances, but never found. All Internet break. Chinese women showed a program similar to the one that we saw at the World Cup, but with a slight difference. However, for us the main thing - respect the opponent. We know how much work the Chinese team.

Natalia Ishchenko and Svetlana Romashina
Photo: Alexander Wilf / RIA Novosti

You have before the Games were to ear problems. We managed to solve them?
Now nothing can disturb. The most embarrassing moment - travel and acclimatization.But nothing happened. We are ready to continue the struggle.
When we arrived in Brazil, it seemed to me that there is no more strength.Nevertheless, we really helped change the situation. Already in Brazil, we were able to slightly discharged. On the sun warmed, the ocean went once. Two minutes ago, we asked: "Where are your emotions? You must be winners and jumping for joy! "In fact, clearly understand that ahead of us in the performance of the group and in no case can not throw these emotions. I want to just relax, lie back and prepare further.
For someone to hurt at the Olympics in the Tuesday, August 16
What was the most unpleasant in Brazil? Green water? Cool Pool?
At the last assembly we were trying to deal with the elements.They were afraid that the water is very warm, in fact, it was cold.Besides green and cloudy. From her very sore eyes. Another interesting point. We went out to prepare for the pre-start as a duo, but not enough water basin. The organizers began to pour water from the warm-bath on the competition. We even thought that the start will be delayed, but it did not happen. We were ready physically and mentally by the time 100 percent.
Unexpected surprises from the Chinese women, your main rivals?
we did not expect surprises, and have seen their program last season, and in the preliminary competitions. They looked completely performance of Chinese women waited their evaluation, and now we are called to be awarded.
Follow the story with the appointment Berdyev main "Spartak" coach?
No, we are not up to "Spartacus." All athletes are very supportive of each other in the village, congratulate, cheer. It's great that the combined team of Russia rallied as never before.

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