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Vanessa Billy: activity "Wh" in Aleppo raises serious questions

December 2, 2016, 10:00 the UTC + 3
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The world's media are closely watching the developments in Syria. Daily newspapers are publishing alarming reports from the conflict zone. About how actually is the situation in the country, in an interview with Tass told British journalist Vanessa Billy.
For a long time she was collecting evidence of peaceful life conditions of the population in Syria, met with representatives of various political movements, including the opposition, and also visited the area of fighting in Aleppo, where at the site was able to get acquainted with the situation.
Recently you visited Syria as an independent journalist. What are your impressions of this trip?
- Firstly, I must say that the Western media is very selective approach to the coverage of the situation in Syria. The reality is this: 75% of the civilian population of Syria support the power. Of course, not all Syrians are strong supporters of the current president Bashar al-Assad. And it is absolutely normal for any country. People just want peace and in favor of a secular state.
75% of Syria's population support the peaceful power
However, in the West prefer not to talk about. All the media attention focused on what is happening in one point - in eastern Aleppo. That is the fate of the majority of the Syrian population is simply not interested Western governments and even human rights organizations.
But only in the West and say that the support of the Syrian opposition?
- When I was in Syria, I have had the opportunity to meet with representatives of the political opposition - people who took part in peaceful protests as early as 2011. All of them spoke bitterly that Western countries have made every effort to distract attention from the political reform process, and strongly contributed to the armed rebellion.
The irony is that in the words of the West supported the opposition in Syria, but in reality, truly moderate opposition has been completely discredited. She just pushed the armed groups with extremist ideologies.
You've been in combat zones, including in Aleppo. What's happening there?
- Today, the city is divided into two parts. This happened as a result of the capture of the eastern neighborhoods of Aleppo rebels, sponsored from the outside, in particular the Gulf states.
The irony is that in the words of the West supported the opposition in Syria, but in reality, truly moderate opposition was completely discredited
We know that in this part of town there are at least two dozen different armed groups. Among them are "Dzhebhat en-Nusra" (banned in the Russian Federation), which was renamed some time ago not to remind her of having links with "Al-Qaeda" (banned in Russia), the brigade "Haruko Nur al-Din al-Zina ", became famous after its militants publicly beheaded a 12-year-old Palestinian boy (accused of" collaboration with the Assad regime. "- Note corr TASS..), and" Ahrar al-Sham ", which stands for the physical destruction of Muslims -shiitov.
All these groups have actually taken hostage by the local population.
What is the humanitarian situation in the city?
- The humanitarian situation in Aleppo is complicated. Moreover, it is difficult in the eastern part of the city and the west, which is constantly under fire fighters. However, on the situation of the civilian population in the west of Aleppo for some reason we rarely read about in European and American newspapers.
I would like to especially focus on the role played by humanitarian organizations in the Syrian conflict. The most famous of them, of course, "White Helmets".
- On the Internet today you can find a lot of clips involving volunteers, "White Helmets".
- I would not call them volunteers and now explain why. In the first place, "White Helmets" are positioning themselves as a neutral non-governmental organization. However, it receives funding - it is a sum of $ 150 million - from the US authorities, UK and some other European countries, such as Denmark, the Netherlands and France. All of these countries openly advocate the overthrow of Bashar al-Assad.
The history of photography in the war in Syria: the people and moments that can not be forgotten
What's the most difficult thing for a journalist in the war - says photographer TASS
Recently it became known that the sponsor "White Helmets" will be Qatar. At the same time there is evidence that this state directly supports extremist groups in Syria.
Second, the organization of "White Helmets" was established back in 2013, a former employee of British intelligence James Les mesures. It's pretty well-known personality in the companies related to the security business, including the US company Blackwater to, the services which often use the CIA to carry out a so-called dirty work - assassinations and other things. Earlier Les mesures to involve in various hot spots, including in Kosovo, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen.
So you're saying that the "White Helmets" does not so white?
- You have to understand that the organization operates exclusively in the areas controlled by the factions "Islamic State", "Dzhebhat en-Nusra" (banned in Russia). From collected on the spot I have evidence I was able to conclude that the "White Helmets" are not engaged in any humanitarian operation. This is only a cover.
The so-called volunteers, "White Helmets" openly sympathetic to the Islamists. It's enough to look at the personal pages in the "Facebook" of some prominent members of the organization.
The so-called volunteers, "White Helmets" openly sympathetic to the Islamists
As for their professional skills, they raise serious doubts. These paramedics and rescue workers agree that the "White Helmets" simply do not have the proper training, they do not know what kind of assistance should be provided to people who were under the rubble, and much more. A careful viewing of promotional videos of "White Helmets", you can find a lot of absurdities without difficulty.
At the same time in Syria is the real organization of civil defense, which exists since 1953 and registered in the international organization ICDO. However, when gunmen invaded the east of Aleppo, they took over the Syrian civil defense equipment, including the majority of ambulances and fire trucks, and employees simply shot.
Non-governmental organization "Syrian civil defense" ( "White helmets") was established in late 2012 - early 2013 and is positioned as a humanitarian volunteer organization, which has a neutral and impartial. This year, she was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, and later awarded the prize "for a reasonable livelihood," known as the "alternative Nobel Prize", "for their courage and humanity in saving civilian population affected by the civil war in Syria." Nevertheless, the organization has been criticized for inadequate information disseminated by it. In November, the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova offered to nominate an organization, "White Helmets", instead of the Nobel Prize to the film award "Oscar" for staging a video with two of its representatives, who allegedly helped the wounded in the Syrian town destroyed.
Interviewed by Sergey Shcherbakov

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