Friday, 28 July 2017

Moscow is not ruling out any steps in retaliation to US sanctions - Armageddon here we come - What happens when the bombs run out?

Moscow is not ruling out any steps in retaliation to US sanctions, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said.
The Russian Foreign Ministry suspended the use of all US Embassy warehouses and its compound in Moscow and also offered the US to cut down the number of its diplomatic staff in Russia to 455 people by September 1. Moreover, the ministry said that it reserves the reciprocal right to hit US interests in response to the US sanctions bill.
Ryabkov said that Russia's set of measures in response to US sanctions is not limited to the reduced number of US diplomatic staff and the seizure of US diplomatic property in Moscow.
Ryabkov also handed on Friday to US Ambassador to Russia John Tefft notifications regarding the decisions on numbers of staff members and US diplomatic property.
The US Senate approved a bill in a 98-2 vote on Thursday to impose sweeping sanctions on Russia, Iran and North Korea and limit US President Donald Trump's ability to lift the restrictions on Moscow. The bill passed the House of Representatives on Tuesday by a vote of 419 to 3. The measures target Russia's defence, intelligence, mining, shipping and railway industries, and restrict dealings with Russian banks and energy companies.

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