Sunday, 26 November 2017

U.S. Is World's Biggest Terrorist Sponsor - Ri Hyo Jin

Trump re-listed the DPRK as a "terrorist sponsor".
It is the height of shamelessness and a serious politically-motivated provocation for the U.S. to brand the DPRK as a "terrorist sponsor" even though it is censured as the biggest terrorist sponsor on our planet.
Terrorism is what makes the rogue state U.S. exist.
The U.S. is the biggest terrorist sponsor and the biggest state-sponsored terrorist universally recognized by the international community.
The world still mires in the nightmare of terrorism.
Despite the strong call of the international community against terrorism, it has not yet been eradicated but has become a big trouble as it expands worldwide after going through the boundary of country and region.
The terrorist organizations throwing the world into uneasiness and horror came into existence at the hands of the U.S.
What matters more is that the U.S. does not hesitate such brigandish act as assassinating a state leader in broad daylight and bringing down regimes of those countries incurring its displeasure by openly hurling aggression troops, not content with putting political and economic sanctions and pressure on them in every way.
The world people shudder at the terrorist crimes committed by the U.S. against the DPRK.
Since the liberation of Korea, the U.S. and the south Korean puppet forces have persisted in political terrorism against the DPRK. Now their moves have reached the hideous assassination terrorism by use of bio-chemical substances.

Ri Hyo Jin

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